I’m a wife and the mom of two micro preemie boys born two years apart.  Both of their journeys into the world came with shock, sadness, and uncertainty, but like tough little warriors they fought their way through a combined 9 1/2 months in the NICU.  Today we are still dealing with the effects of premature birth.  

Many years into my journey as a preemie mom, I discovered the value of taking note of the early years. Instead of having piles of paper and scribbled notes as the only source to remember the journey, I have discovered there is a better way...that is how Miracle Moments Matter was born. 

My desire and passion is for families to capture their premature baby's life story. Their stories matter and inspire!

I am creating a preemie journal that will be customizable based on the family’s need.  My hope is that the preemie journal will provide an outlet for those going through the NICU journey to share their stories and discover that…NICU life is difficult, but HOPE doesn’t have to be.